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ESTEEM  Academic Journal is an official academic publication of UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MARA (UiTM) Pulau Pinang.

ESTEEM provides an avenue for academicians and researchers to contribute and share their vast knowledge, ideas and opinions. This journal, which publishes original articles based on a broad general area, serves as a platform for scholars to disseminate information and latest findings on innovation in science and technology. Thus, ESTEEM welcomes unpublished academic manuscripts that contribute to the advancement of knowledge in engineering, science & technology. In order to maintain the quality of this journal, its editorial board has adopted an established policy of blind review process consisting of at least two peer reviewers per manuscript.

ESTEEM started its first print in year 2003 and has been published semi-annually since 2008. Previously, the first issue is focused on the field of engineering, science and technology, which make it appearance in June. The second issue, which is published around December, consists of collection of manuscripts related to the field of social sciences. In certain occasions, special issues are published around the month of March and September. Starting for the year 2017, ESTEEM will be split into; ESTEEM Academic Journal will focus on Science and Technology  with the theme is Innovation in Science and Technology ;and ESTEEM Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (EJSSH) will focus on social sciences issues.


SCOPE of publication

ESTEEM Academic Journal is a peer-reviewed open access journal that focuses on innovation in Science and Technology that covers areas and disciplines of EngineeringComputer and Information SciencesHealth and Medical SciencesCognitive and Behavioral SciencesApplied Sciences and Application in Mathematics and Statistics. The journal is published twice a year and manuscripts may be submitted once the call-for-paper is announced.





call4papers We would like to invite you to submit your manuscript for publication in Volume 13, December 2017 with the theme is innovation in science and technology.

VOLUME 13, SPECIAL ISSUE, AUGUST 2017 open access


Editorial Board, Foreword & Content

Effect of Stored Oil Palm Trunk Sap Towards Methyl Ester Synthesis

Nurnuha Shamsir, Noorhasmiera Abu Jahar, Sarani Zakaria, Wan M Aizat, Pua Fei Ling and Sharifah Nabihah Syed Jaafar

Image-based Atmospheric Correction Using Dark Pixel Subtraction Technique in Penang Island, Malaysia

Wan Noni Afida Ab Manan, Arnis Asmat and Noordin Ahmad

Temperature Salinity and PH Dependence Of Zinc Oxide Photocatalytic Properties for Dye Removal Application

Wan Rafizah Wan Abdullah, Nur Mimi Nazira Mohd Nazri, Nur’Ain Ismail, Farahana Atikah Dzulkarnain and Mohd Sabri Mohd Ghazali

Characteristics of Biofilm Formation from Mixed Microflora at Mesophilic and Thermophilic Fermentative Hydrogen Production

Lam Wai Fung, Nabilah Aminah Lutpi, Wong Yee Shian and Tengku Nuraiti Tengku Izhar

Investigation of Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activity of Zingiber Officinale Roscoe Oleoresin on Airborne Pathogenic Microorganisms

Mohd Faez Sharif, Maryam Zahaba, Nur Ariffadilla Ariffin, Zati Nabilah Mohd Ghazi and Mohd Shukri Mohd Aris

Decolourization of Methyl Orange in UV Assisted Fenton–like Reaction Using Fe-MKSF Catalyst

Nur Hidayati Abdullah, Nor Aida Zubir and Hamizura Hassan

Comparative Odour Analysis of Natural Rubber Latex based Paints Using Olfactometer

Nur Fadhilah Idris and Asrul Mustafa

The Application of Natural Dyes for Natural Rubber Latex Foam Products

Nipawan Pongprom

The Effects of Curculigo Latifolia Dry and Ethanolic Extracts on Spern Quality of Mice Mus Musculus

Faridahanim Mohd Jaafar, Farah Shahirah Zainal, Norizan Ahmat, Dzulsuhaimi Daud and Nooraain Hashim

Identification and Quantitative Analysis of Rice Aroma Compounds In Black Jasmine And Sung-Yod Korat Rice From Nakhon-Ratchasima Province, Thailand

Vanida Choomuenwai

Synthesis and Characterization of Putrescine-Sulfur Analogue

Adzly H. Sahabudin, Fiona How Ni Foong and Radiah Abdul Ghani

Preliminary Inflow and Infiltration Study of Sewerage Systems from Two Residential Areas in Kuantan, Pahang

Hiew Thong Yap, Su Kong Ngien, Norasman Othman, Nadiatul Adilah Ahmad Abdul Ghani and Norhan Abd Rahman

Analysing Extreme Temperature Scenarios in Peninsular Malaysia Using Generalized Extreme Value (GEV) Distribution

Nur Hanim Mohd Salleh and Husna Hasan

Analysis of Particulate Matter (PM10) in Malaysia using Markov Chain Model

Nur Nadzirah Mustafa and Husna Hasan

Determining The Steady-State Probability for The Daily Maximum Temperature in Peninsular Malaysia Using Markov Chain

Suriani Hassan and Husna Hasan

A Study of Cadaver Decomposition in Sandy Soil of East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia

Siti Sofo Ismail, Shamini A/P Saminadan and Nur Anisah Daud

Kinetic and Isotherm Studies of Lead Adsorption onto Durian Leaf Powder

Zurhana Mat Hussin, Azwanis Sofea Mahadi and Megat Ahmad Kamal Megat Hanafiah

Effects of Additives in Reducing The Odour Concentration Emanating from Water Scrubber in Rubber Processing Factory

Mohd Ikram Mohammad, Nor Azieda Alias, Nur Fadhilah Idris and Asrul Mustafa

Overview on Performance of Water Scrubber Systems in Reducing Odour at Raw Natural Rubber Processing Factories in Malaysia

Fatin Hamimi Alias, Mohd Ikram Mohammad and Nur Fadhilah Idris

Composition and Source Determination of Heavy Metals (HM) in Particles in Selected Primary Schools in Pahang

Maryam Zahaba, Hazrin Abdul Hadi, Hizrri Ariffin, Norhidayah Abdull, Niza Samsuddin and Mohd Shukri Mohd Aris

Effect of Microbial Biomass Presence on Palm Shell Activated Carbon for The Adsorption of Cu, Cd and Zn

Gulnaziya Issabayeva

Desalination of Seawater Using Calcined Hydrotalcite with Different Mg/Al Ratio

Daiki Tsutsui and Takaaki Wajima


VOLUME 13, JUNE 2017 open access


Editorial Board, Foreword & Content

A Novel Adsorbent Formed From Blast Furnace Slag By Alkali Fusion for Phosphate Ions Removal

Takaaki Wajima

Numerical Simulation of The Electric Field Gradient Squared in a New Electrode Configuration for Fouling Suppression in Submerged Membrane Bioreactors

Bouthaina Larbi, Alaa Alhawari, Fei Du, Michael Baune and Jorg Thöming

Effective Shear Strength Parameters of Soil Samples Taken from Slope Failure along The Kulim – Baling Road

Damanhuri Jamalludin, Nur Syazana Mohamad Sharom, Mohamad Zain Hashim, Azura Ahmad, Mohd Mustaqim Mohd Nordin and Anas Ibrahim

Experimental Study of Ductility Adequacy on Interior Wall-Slab Joint Subjected to Lateral Cyclic Loading

Mohd Ashaari bin Masrom, Nor Hayati binti Abdul Hamid and Mohd Elfie bin Mohamad

Improved Cuckoo Search for Loss Allocation in Transmission Line

Nur Atiqah Abdul Rahman and Titik Khawa Abdul Rahman

Development of Flexible Pavement Design Tool Based on Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR)’S Revised Guideline

Mohamad Irwan P. Harahap, and Nurul Ain bt. Md Zin

Preliminary Findings of Raw Bamboo Curtain Absorber (BCA), Charred and Coated Bamboo Ash Painted Characteristics for Electromagnetic Wave Absorption

Dayang Suhaida Awang Damit, Najwa Rawaida Ahmad @ Ahmad Fauzi, Mohd Hussaini Abbas, Hj Hasnain Abdullah

Development on  Automated Plant Watering System for Soil Humidity

Irni Hamiza Hamzah, Muhammad Salehan Tutor, Mohaiyedin Idris, Aida Zulia Zulhanip, Mohammad Nizam Ibrahim, Ali Othman, Alhan Farhanah Abd Rahim

Flexural Crack Propagation in Steel Fibre Concrete Beam

Nur Anisa Athirah Rosli, Siti Hawa Hamzah and Tengku Aizzat Danial Tengku Azhan

Bachelor Of Engineering (Hons.) Electrical (EE220) POs Performance Analysis Based on OBE-ANAS Measurement Tools

Mohaiyedin Idris, Aida Zulia Zulhanip, Irni Hamiza Hamzah, Mohammad Nizam Ibrahim, Mohd Affandi Shafie

Improvement on The External Transmission System of a Single-Seated Open Wheel Vehicle

Dzullijah Ibrahim, Muhamad Haziq bin Jamaludin, Muhammad Arif Ab Hamid Pahmi and Yusli Yaakob

Removal of Cu2+ Using Utricularia Aurea as a Biosorbent in Synthetic Industrial Wastewater

Nor Azliza Akbar, Amalina Amirah Abu Bakar, Nurhidayati Mat Daud, Sabariah Badrealam and Nurul Athirah Ahmad Tarmizi


Abstracting and Indexing

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