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ESTEEM Academic Journal (EAJ) is an official academic publication of Universiti Teknologi MARA (Pulau Pinang). EAJ started its first print in year 2003.

EAJ is published semi-annually since 2008 on its fourth volume. The first issue is focused on the field of engineering, science and technology which rolled out around June. The second issue which is published around December consists of collection of manuscripts related to the field of social sciences. In certain occasions, special issues are published around the month of March and September.


EAJ provides an avenue for faculty members, academicians and researchers to contribute and share their vast knowledge, ideas and opinions. This journal which publishes original articles based on a broad general area serves as a platform for scholars to disseminate information and latest findings on various research areas for the benefits of the public. EAJ welcomes unpublished academic manuscripts that can contribute to the advancement of knowledge in engineering, science & technology, and social sciences. In order to maintain the quality of this journal, its editorial board has adopted an established policy of blind review process consisting of at least two peer reviewers per manuscript.

In the year 2012 and eighth volume of the EAJ publication, many major changes have been seen in the campus, and for Unit Penerbitan UiTM (Pulau Pinang) (formerly known as Unit UPENA), it is also without exception. It has undergone groundwork preparations to transform the previous hard copy journal into online journal so as to keep up with the current trend of making the manuscripts more accessible globally. In fact, the latest EAJ is now published in both PDF and EPUB (electronic publication) formats. The latter, the first of its kind among UiTM published journals, allows scholars to view reflowable digital articles on mobile platforms.


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