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Manuscript contributions are currently invited from faculty members, academicians, researchers, as well as private institutions and industrial organizations who would like to use ESTEEM Academic Journal to present and discuss their research.

Authors can prepare their manuscripts with a least of 10 pages (excluding references) and use the updated 2024 template, which can be obtained from the URL below:

Details for the upcoming publications:

Volume 20, September 2024

30 June 2024 Last date for paper submission

September 2024

Online Publication

Starting from December 2023, prospective authors for this issue are compulsory to use UiTM OJS system to submit their manuscripts via UiTM OJS ESTEEM Academic Journal

UiTM OJS is the manuscript management system for authors, reviewers and editors of ESTEEM Academic Journal to access the submission and peer-review system. Once you sign in you may:

  • Submit a new manuscript
  • Continue working on a submission
  • Track a submitted manuscript
  • Access manuscript assigned to you as an editor
  • Access manuscript assigned to you as a reviewer and complete your review

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Editor Guide

Reviewer Guide