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Volume 10, Number 1 (2014)

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Vol. 10, No. 1 (2014)


Editorial Board, Foreword & Contents

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International Market Entry Mode Choices by Malaysian Construction Firms Using Multinomial Regression Model

Che Maznah Mat Isa, Hamidah Mohd Saman, Siti Rashidah Mohd Nasir and Christopher Nigel Preece

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Analysis of Thin Walled Tube Al 3003 H12 Under Quasi-Static Axial Crush Mode Using Finite Element Method

Mansol M. M., Ismail N. I., Hisyam Basri M., Tang S. H. and Anuar M. K.

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Discharge Equation of Contracted Rectangular Falat-Crested Slit Weirs

Rosley Jaafar and Ishak Abdul Azid

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The Procedure of Poisson Regression Model Using Lower Respiratory Illness In Infants

Zuraira Libasin, Suryaefiza Karjanto and Shamsunarnie Mohamed Zukri

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Parametric Study On the Settlement Improvement Factor of Stone Column Groups

Ng Kok Shien and Tan Siew Ann

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ICT Integration In Classrooms: The Educators’ Perspective Based On Their School and Home ICT Use

Johan@Eddy Luaran, Ahmad Danial Mohd Ghazali and Jasmine Jain

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A Comparative Study of the Structural Analysis Between the Integral and the Simply Supported Bridge

Mohd Ashaari Masrom

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Effect of Cationic and Anionic Dye Adsorption by Base-Modified Papaya Seed (Fixed-Bed System)

Norhaslinda Nasuha, Nurulhuda Amri and Hawaiah Imam Maarof

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