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Volume 12, Number 1 (2016)

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V12(1) 2016

Editorial Board, Foreword & Contents

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Prediction of PM10 extreme concentrations in selected industrial monitoring stations in Malaysia using Extreme Value Distribution (EVD): Classical and Bayesian approaches

Hasfazilah Ahmat, Ahmad Shukri Yahaya and Nor Azam Ramli

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Adhesion properties of Styrene-Butadiene rubber-based adhesive crosslinked by Benzoyl Peroxide

B. T. Poh and F. N. Hasim

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Interactive assistance for teaching C++ array topic to novice learners

Naemah Abdul Wahab, Jamal Othman and Saiful Nizam Warris

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Role of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)  in cell signaling and atherosclerosis: A review

Mohd Izani Othman

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Ductility performance of Thin-Walled Composite-Filled (TWFC) beam at internal support

Mohd Asha’ari Masrom

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