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VOL 17, AUGUST 2021

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VOLUME 17, AUGUST 2021open access


Editorial Board, Foreword and Content

Trend Analysis for Organic Waste Generation at the Administration Cafe of UiTM Tapah Campus

Nurul Husna Jamian and Faridah Zulkipli

Development of a Rubric to Assess Computational Thinking Skills among Primary School Students in Malaysia

Ling-Ling, Ung, Jane Labadin and Saiful Nizam

Amorphous Phase of SnO2 doped Al2O3 thin film: Optical and Structural Properties

Puteri Sarah Mohamad Saad, Muhammad Nizar Aiman Mohd Zani, Anees Aziz and Hashimah Hashim

Internet of Things: The Use of Raspberry Pi, Sensor Devices and Geo-Fencing Technology in Fire Detection Monitoring System for A Home

Norzatul Bazamah Binti Azman Shah, Maryam Nabila Binti Md Nor, Nurulhuda Binti Zainuddin,Nur Asyira Binti Nasiron and Rashidah Binti Ramle

Textural Properties of Electrospun Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Nanofibers

Hashimah Hashim, Azyan Mohamad Shabari and Puteri Sarah Mohamad Saad

Development of a Low Cost Planar Interdigital Ammonia Sensor for Water Quality Sensing Application – Prototype

Norfarah Amira Binti Jalal, Nor Azlan Othman, Nor Salwa Damanhuri, Intan Rahayu Ibrahim, Mohamad Faizal Abd Rahman and Anita Ahmad

Numerical Investigation on the Effect of Building Overhang on the Flow within Idealised Two-dimensional Street Canyon

Fatih bin Ibrahim, Mohd Faizal bin Mohamad, Naoki Ikegaya and Azli Abd Razak

Dimensional Effect of Doped Porous Ge Using SILVACO TCAD Simulation for Potential Optoelectronics Application

A.F. Abd Rahim, N. S. I. Mohamad Shuhaimi, N. S. Mohd Razal, R. Radzali, A. Mahmood, I.H. Hamzah, M F Packeer Mohamed

Coherence Wavelet Method and Wavelet-Granger Causality Tests to Measure COVID-19 Pandemic-Induced Uncertainties

Siti Norsafura Md Sobri and Noraini Noordin

Prediction of Dengue Outbreak: A Comparison Between ARIMA and Holt-Winters Methods

Norwaziah Mahmud, Nur Syuhada Muhammat Pazil, Hafawati Jamaluddin and Nur Aqilah Ali

Infrared Thermography of Fault Detection in Power Distribution System Equipment using Artificial Neural Network

Nurul Huda Ishak, Puteri Nur Syahirah Mohamad Mustafa, Iza Sazanita Isa, Siti Solehah Md Ramli and Nur Darina Ahmad

Comparison on Phytochemical Constituents in The Patchouli Oil of In Vitro And Ex Vitro Pogostemon cablin Leaves

Wan Nurul Hidayah, W. A. , Putri Shareen, R. , Nur Atirah, H.  and Tan, S. H.

Delivery of Post-Dental Extraction Care Instructions with the Aid of a Novel Educational Kit: The UiTM  Dental Students’ Perspective

Nurkhalidah Sabrina Ikmalhisam, Nur Syakirah Abdul Aziz, Michelle Clare Mah, Tengku Intan Baizura Tengku Jamaluddin, Hazmyr Abdul Wahab, Mohd Shawal Firdaus Mohammad and Tan Su Keng

Voltammetric Analysis of Ascorbic Acid and Its Application in Commercial Roselle Juices

Nur Syamimi Zainudin and Nur Anis Fadhilah Suib

The Antibacterial Effects of Hylocereus polyrhizus Fruit Extracts against Selected Bacteria

Nur Dayana Hassan Cheong, Abdul Fatah Hasan Kashfi and Hartini Yusof

Panel Regression Method to Analyse the Stock Market Returns Due To Covid-19

Nur Mardziah Aziz Jaafar and Noraini Noordin