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Volume 7, Number 1 (2011)

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Editorial Board & Foreword

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Three Dimensional Analysis Using Finite Volume Based CFD Simulation to Determine Junction Temperature on Electronic Components

Mazlan Mohamed, Rahim Atan and Mohd Zulkifly Abdullah

Downloads: 962

Intruder Detection System (IDS) Evasion

Solahuddin Yusuf Fadhlullah, Mohamad Adha Mohamad Idin and Mohd Halim Mohd Noor

Downloads: 865

The Effect of Wick Structure and Filling Ratio to the Vapour Chamber Performance in Electronic Cooling System Using an Experimental Method

Fairosidi Idrus, Yusli Yaakob, Muhammad Abdul Razak, Mazlan Mohamed, Azli Abd. Razak, Mohd Zulkifly Abdullah and Muhammad Khalil Abdullah.

Downloads: 1007

An Introduction to e-SSC Test Kit as a New Technique to Characterize Swelling and Shrinkage Potential of Rock Material

Intan Shafika Saiful Bahri, Zainab Mohamed, Rozaini Ramli and Mohd Hidayat Mior Abas

Downloads: 931

Determination of Soil Erodibility, K Factor for Sungai Kurau Soil Series

Rozaini Ramli and Intan Shafika Saiful Bahri

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Skin Detection Using Color Component Subtraction and Texture Information

Rizal Mat Jusoh, Saiful Fadzli Salian and Sharifah Saliha Syed Bahrom

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Effect of Various Sizes Extraction of Wood-Wool on the Properties of Wood-Wool Cement Board Manufactured from Kelampayan (Neolamarckia Cadamba)

Mohd Azrizal Fauzi and Zakiah Ahmad

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